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There are many great reasons to choose Grassroots Productions for your event management.

We are an award winning sustainable business and sustainable event management pioneers (more). Our sustainable practices start in our business and cover all facets of event management.

We provide high quality, professional event management services with creativity and attention to detail. With us there is no compomise on style to achieve a sustainable event.

We look at the big picture and take the time to understand our clients needs. We are results driven.

Attention to detail. We have taken the time to understand the complex emerging territory of sustainable events and learn about the inherent issues of the diverse suppliers to the events industry.

We find solutions. If there are no suppliers that meet our criteria, we develop tools and resources to help conventional suppliers provide sustainble services.

There were limited options for certfied organic alcohol catering, so we applied for our own license (more).

Knowledge and experience. Our staff were providing event management services with a sustainable focus before Green was the New Black. We have always been ahead of the pack. (Find out about SEMS Tool.)

The events we manage are exceptional. Check back soon for feedback, photos and video from our events.